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How To Fix Droopy Eyelids And Erase Wrinkles In 2 Minutes Only

August 21, 2019

The droopy eyelids appear as a result of the aging process. Moreover, numerous other factors can change their elasticity and look. Once your eyelids become droopy, they very likely will continue in the same direction, can even worsen through the ages, or instantly come and disappear.

There are various remedies for them, including botox. But the most powerful are the natural ones that always give the best results. Our recipe recommends using this single and pure ingredient that you can find surely in any kitchen!


  • One egg white
  • Gauze


  1. First, ensure you wash the eyelids from makeup and let them dry.
  2. Then separate two egg whites, and remove the yolk.
  3. Mix the egg whites with a fork till frothy.
  4. Keep the eyelids closed
  5. Soak the gauze in the egg white blend and close the eyes
  6. Apply the piece of dressing on the eyelids in the upward direction
  7. Please wait till the egg white on the eyelid it dries out.
  8. Use this mask once a day within one week, and you will see an exceptional result after two repeats.

Why This Treatment Is So effective?

Egg white is full of components that stretch and recovers skin flexibility. Although you have to know that the effects are in the short term, so you should repeat this therapy every two days. That’s how you will get rid of droopy eyelids for the most critical moments in your life.

Also, sufficient moisturizing is the best remedy for eyelids deformation (dropped). You have to make sure that you drink an adequate amount of water throughout the day.

Extra Effective Treatments For Droopy Eyelids

  • Massaging the wrinkled skin with rosemary oil, it will stimulate blood flow will remove the free radicals of the eyelids that are the most significant cause of collagen and elastin crackup.
  • Exercises to help stretch the muscles on the eyelids and tone the loose skin which may have started to sag
  • Use anti-aging cream or a stretching to firm the saggy skin around the eyes.
  • Apply Castor oil, which is a powerful moisturizer. Will keep your skin soft and remove the wrinkles.
  • DIY Cucumber puree will moisture your skin.
  • Utilize Thermage – its therapy based on radio waves that heat the skin around the eyes. It works on what increases the temperature and makes the collagen in your skin to tighten. It will enhance collagen production.
  • Undergo blepharoplasty (plastic surgery )- to remove the fat, skin, and muscle which droops around the eyelid.
  • Apply avocados mix ( once its blended ) – it treats wrinkles with the most excellent effect because of carotenoids, which is a powerful antioxidant.


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